On a Budget: Cut reception wedding favors.  Our observation finds about 35% of the guests leave them on the table.  Think about it, at least until you became engaged, do you remember what the favors were on all the past weddings you went to?  Almost everyone said “no”.  Do the math: at $1 – $4 a piece with 150 – 350 guest, that’s about $500 – $1,400 spent on favors.  The $1,400 could cover your photographer or videographer.

Wedding Vows: Rather than repeat the minister’s generic vows, write your own personal 30 – 45 second vows.  Spend time to fine-tune it and saying it aloud.  It will be a emotional and special moment for you during your ceremony.

Tall Topiary Center Piece: Beautiful “wow” factor when the guests walks in!  When seated, they can’t see the emcee or the head table or even the bride and groom!  Yikes, an expensive mistake!

Brides, Be In The Moment!: A few times, I have heard from the bride “I just want the day to be over.”  Whatever the “bad” situation may be, don’t dwell on the little annoyances, this is one of the memorable days in your life so enjoy it all.

Groom and Groomsmen: Rent a second dress shirt with your tux and hang it in the hotel room facing the AC duct at the coldest temperature.  Then the groom has the option to take a quick, cold shower before he greets his guest at the reception receiving line, and also be comfortable for the first dance and the reception activities.  Groomsmen can do the same while the couple is busy with the receiving line.  2nd shirt rental is about $7 – $15.

What Has The Most Value After Your Wedding: Good photography and videography.  The cake will be gone, your flowers will unfortunately die, and your guests will go home. Professional photos and videos will be the best memories!