FX Studio Cinema AwardsFX Studio received 24 National awards.

DV Awardshttp://www.dvawards.com/
Same Day Edit “Traci and Hanwook”
Same Day Edit “Nancy and Lance”
Love Story “Sandy and Carl”
Wedding Video Production
Music Video Compilation

The Vision Awards (as seen on the right)
National Finalist – Love Story of “Rita & John”
National Finalist – Love Story of “Janelle & Scott”
National Finalist – Love Story Creative Editor of “Rita & John”

National Finalist – Creative Shooting
National Finalist – “Rust Arrestor”
National Finalist – “Freestyling with the Hawaiian Pro Spinners”
Natioanal Finalist – Creative Camera Work
Creative Editor – Client: HPK Marketing

The Communicator
“A Love Story Wedding”
30 second commercial “Yo for It”

Award of Excellence, Video Designs, Creative Camera Work
Award of Excellence, 30 second commercial “Hyper Russell Yo-Yo”

The Videographer Awards
Award of Excellence, “Yomega Yo-Yo”
Award of Excellence, Editing
Best Director & Producer – Client: Mins Plastic